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Last updated  05/22/2016 
How Republicans Conned The American People Into Giving Them Control
Of The Senate
The lazy explanation from the media and political chattering classes is that Democrats lost their Senate majority because of Barack Obama. The truth is that the Senate Republicans ran a years long con on the American people that resulted in the GOP’s election win.

Republicans originally had a plan to obstruct everything that President Obama attempted in order to make him a one-term president.

It was the last sentence about making Obama a one-term president that got all of the attention, but it was his second sentence that was revealing. Republicans had a plan to take back the government. Step one was to win back the House, which they did in 2010. Step two was to win back the Senate, which they accomplished in 2014. Step three has always been to win back the White House in 2016.        (More)       
Keeping Their Voters Stupid Keeps
Republicans Elected
Over the past six years after every election, a relatively common question is why do so many Americans dependably vote against their own self-interests. Despite poor white people in southern red states barely surviving on slave wages, welfare, food stamps, and no adequate healthcare, they routinely vote for Republicans openly campaigning on driving their constituents deeper into poverty. It is true that opposition to Democrats as surrogates for an African American President is driven by racial animus, but even that fails to explain poor white voters electing abusive Republicans promising to eliminate programs that keep them alive and block Democratic attempts to lift them out of poverty.    (More) 
Republicans May Try To Steal The Senate By
Rigging The Kansas Election


VANDEN HEUVEL: I think one of the biggest — first of all, turnout is going to be a big issue. And there’s no denying that the Democratic base, Latinos, African-Americans, single women, young people, are not in great form and not that happy about what’s going on.

But rigging the vote has become a Republican hallmark. When we talk about Kansas, I don’t look at Greg Orman or Pat Roberts. I look at that secretary of state who manipulated the ballot and registration. And limiting the voting access means cutting out large parts of our community, African-Americans, single women…        (More)       

The Top 20 Ways President George W. Bush Destroyed America

No matter what he does, President George W. Bush will certainly go down in history as the president that nearly destroyed America and her standing as the leader of the free world.

While George W. Bush vacationed at his Texas ranch, it was Vice President Dick Cheney that took control of our country and nearly ran it into the ground. When President Obama assumed office, President Bush bequeathed to him an economy that was shedding almost 800,000 jobs per month, a financial sector in a free-fall, and staggering federal, state and local deficits.

Incredibly, in the five short years since his presidency, the mainstream media and the Republican Party have done such a good job of whitewashing history that today President Bush’s popularity is even with President Obama’s at 47%.                (More)       

Why Cheney's Confession "We Did 9/11"
appears to be authentic
In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Inquirer, Cheney explained that the only way to move toward a global Pax Americana was by engineering a "New Pearl Harbor."

"When we assumed office in January 2001 and saw we were losing control of the world, we all panicked," claims Cheney, obviously very emotional.  We didn
't know what to do.  And Paul Wolfowitz, our strategist, suggested we rig up an attack on America as a temporary solution.  The militarized police state was only supposed to last for a few years.  But as time went by and nobody seemed to notice, we kept playing along."

Mr. Cheney alleges that the cabal did send out  lot of hidden messages through the years to prepare the population for the truth.  Rumsfeld's speeches have been full of references to the missile that hit this building (the Pentagon)" and "the flight we shot down over Pennsylvania."

...And Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly celebrated the success of the 9/11 operation.  When he first rumors finally began about the whole thing, we felt nervous and started planting fake conspiracy stories...             (More)  
Republican Nightmares Come True As Obama Gets Credit For America’s Economic Comeback
President Obama’s weekly address was the Republicans’ worst nightmare come true. The president not only discussed America’s economic comeback, but he also embraced the comeback that he is getting credit for.     (More)
Israeli students tell U.S. politician
Israel did 9/11


Officially a guy in a cave – dying of kidney disease, did 9/11.

Unofficially – Saudi Arabia [monarchy], Israel [MOSSAD, most certainly Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak], CIA Bush Nazi’s, Carlyle Group, Dual national Israeli / U.S. Neo-cons such as Dov Zakheim, Larry Silverstein, William Kristol et al, Did it – with the help of: Yaron Shimuel; Sivan Kurzberg; Saul Kurzberg; Omer Ellner; Oded Ellner. Driving a white Chevy van NJ reg. JYJ-13Y, for Mossad front company “Urban Moving Systems,” along with several other similar vans filled with explosives. They were heading for the George Washington Bridge to blow it up, and had already detonated one of their vans. All major media covered this story on 9/11, including Fox, CNN, ABC, etc.        (More)       

The Republicans Lie – About Everything

Almost half of Louisiana Republicans didn’t know who to blame.

Of course, Republicans have also blamed Obama for the Iraq War and routinely pretend that there were no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil while Bush was president (9/11 anyone?). Not only that, but Fox News has excised any subsequent Bush-era terrorist attacks from public memory. Republicans have also conveniently forgotten that Bush presided over the economic collapse of 2008. Obama wasn’t elected until November 4 of that year and did not take office until the following January.        (More)  

The Real Truth Behind The Greatest Illusion
Of All Time - 9/11
This is for all the serious 9/11 researchers out there. Read this info carefully. It changes everything you have EVER learned about 9/11. This is the real story. This is what the truth community doesn't even want you to know!! This is what members in the truth community you see on TV or radio are paid to hide. This was written about 3 months ago and there has been some new information since then which I will address in comments after the story. Please share this with everyone you know. This is a complete breakdown of what really happened. No it was not the thermite controlled demolition we were told, nor was it Bin Laden, D.E.W.s, Mini Nukes, Drones, pods, or any of those other theories being floated. Its actually much more simple than that. Keep an open mind and enjoy. If you are a true researcher you will know the things I say to be true and if you are not, go look into my claims. You will be amazed!!          (More)          

President Barack Hussein Obama
...his wise politics and his opponents

This was, for example, actually the case with the election of president Barack Obama, who had aroused a broad wave of sympathy and was elected with great enthusiasm to president of the USA. As president he has been celebrated by many million fellow American citizens as that statesman who would return dignity and honour to his country and set a political course that would awaken new hope and open up a better outlook for the future. As the first black president in the history of the USA, he embodies for many million of voters of differing ethnic origins values such as new beginning, renewal, peace, freedom, progress, and equality, as well as a fair leader-figure who is able to carry out the final steps for the overcoming of a still creeping racial discrimination of black and other ethnic minorities. Thus, for the large masses of human beings in the USA and elsewhere in the world, Obama represents a true and long yearned for glimmer of hope, who after the dark Bush-era – during which many countries of Earth wanted to arm themselves in order to be able to defend themselves against the insane warmongering of the USA...     (More) 

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