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 JEWS: Who Are These People...
Last updated  08/22/2016    


Top Israeli scientist says Ashkenazi Jews came from Khazaria, not Palestine

An Israeli geneticist challenges the “Zionist” hypothesis that all Jews belong to one race and are intimately related, thus giving them a common ancestor in  the Holy Land and a Biblical claim to Palestine. 

The geneticists’ research backs up what is known as the Rhineland Hypothesis. According to the hypothesis, Ashkenazi Jews descended from Jews who fled Palestine after the Muslim conquest in the seventh century and settled in Southern Europe. In the late Middle Ages they moved into eastern Europe from Germany, or the Rhineland.

In “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” published in December in the online journal Genome Biology and Evolution, Elhaik says he has proved that Ashkenazi Jews’ roots lie in the Caucasus — a region at the border of Europe and Asia that lies between the Black and Caspian seas — not in the Middle East. They are descendants, he argues, of the Khazars, a Turkic people who lived in one of the largest medieval states in Eurasia and then migrated to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. Ashkenazi genes, Elhaik added, are far more heterogeneous than Ostrer and other proponents of the Rhineland Hypothesis believe. Elhaik did find a Middle Eastern genetic marker in DNA from Jews, but, he says, it could be from Iran, not ancient Judea.
‘WHO ARE THE KHAZARS?’ This article is a “must read” for any who would like to know more about the Khazars, the founders of Israel, known as the Zionists.

THEY WERE WRITTEN BY THE LEADERS OF THE ZIONIST NATION OF PEOPLE BIRTHED FROM THE KHAZARS WHO ASSUMED (TOOK) THE TITLE OF “JEWS “–THEY ARE NOT OF THE TRIBES OF “JEWISH ISRAEL”. THEY “FIRST” STOLE THE JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT AND THEN THEIR LANDS AND PROPERTYTHEIR INTENT IS TO OWN AND RULE THE ENTIRE OF THE WORLD. May you read with an open and discerning mind that which follows. Look into the eyes of the “Israeli ‘LEADERS”‘ who speak on your vidiot box this day and you shall be given to SEE the truth of these words!

The Khazar- Jews were once again in control of Russia after more than 900 years, and they set about the task of destroying Christianity by destroying Christians — over 100,000,000 of them (almost makes the projections from Germany look feeble, does it not?). Worse, and in addition, Godly Jews everywhere take note; at the same time over 20,000,000 religious Jews also died at the hands of their own proclaimed people, the Khazar Jews.            (More)       

Palestine Facts
The on-going conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Jews is not a new one but has been there for centuries with its roots not in the difference of the religions but for the fight over land. Until 1948, the land that is now divided into the state of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip was known as Palestine. Jewish claim on Israel comes from the biblical promise that God made to Abraham and his descendents and on the historical fact that the Jewish kingdom of Israel was located. The Palestinian Arabs, on the other hand, claim their right on the land stating that they have been living here for centuries now with a demographic majority. They also refute Jewish notion that they need a haven from Europe’s anti-Semitism as they believe that they should not be forfeiting their land to compensate Jews for Europe’s injustices towards them.        (More)       


Killings and massacres during the
1948 Palestine war


According to the sources and depending on the definition, between 10 and 70 massacres occurred during the 1948 war.[1][3][4]

Yishuv (or later Israeli) soldiers killed roughly 800 Arab civilians and prisoners of war.[1] Most of these killings occurred as villages were overrun and captured during the Second phase of the Civil War, Operation Dani, Operation Hiram and Operation Yoav.[1][5]

According to Morris, Jewish forces were responsible for 24 massacres during the war.[1] Aryeh Yizthaki attests to 10 major massacres with more than 50 victims each.[6] Palestinian researcher Salman Abu-Sitta records 33, half of them occurring during the civil war period.[6] Saleh Abdel Jawad has listed 68 villages where acts of indiscriminate killing of prisoners, and civilians took place, where no threat was posed to Yishuv or Israeli soldiers.[7]

The main massacres and attacks against Jewish civilians were the Haifa Oil Refinery massacre where 39 Jews were killed by Arab workers after Irgun members had thrown a bomb into the crowd, and the Kfar Etzion massacre where around 120-150 surrendering defenders were killed by Arab irregulars, with the participation of Arab Legion soldiers. With 80 deaths, the Hadassah medical convoy attack is also reported as a massacre because it included the mass killing of unarmed medical personnel by Arabs.
A refreshingly open call for ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from an Israeli deputy speaker

I’ve always said that I like my ethnic cleansers like my men: honest, direct, and with a plan. Sadly, like good men, honest and open ethnic cleansers are few and far between. As the Israeli government, and those who blindly defend it, claim that the attacks in Gaza are for self-defense, and self-defense alone, one man has the courage to admit that the real goal is to rid the area of Palestinians and populate it with Jews. And that man is Moshe Feiglin, Deputy speaker and member of Knesset (Israel’s parliament).

But before I get to Feiglin, let me explain what I mean by ethnic cleansing. This is obviously the subject of much academic and political debate, but for this post, I will defer to one of the definitions offered by Andrew Bell-Fialkoff in his Foreign Affairs A Brief History of Ethnic Cleansing” article:    (More)   

  The Final Phase
It Is Not A War. It Is Murder


  “The incursion and bombardment of Gaza is not about destroying Hamas. It is not about stopping rocket fire into Israel. It is not about achieving peace. The Israeli decision to rain death and destruction on Gaza, to use lethal weapons of the modern battle field on a largely defenseless civilian population is the final phase in the decades long campaign to ethnically cleanse Palestinians.” – Chris Hedges        (More)       
New Israeli Assault On Gaza: Hypocrisy Of Slaughter - Israel's Orwellian Account
Of Gaza Campaign
The recent attacks by the Israeli forces against the innocent people of Gaza is now escalating out of control.  It will only be a matter of time now before the IDF rolls in its troops and tanks into the densely populated strip, and slaughters tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians in the process.

We have already seen the antics of the Israeli Mossad agent provocateurs with their bottle rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip back into Israel, and up until yesterday, the rockets have hit nothing except open fields.  But today, we have reports of several much larger (Mossad launched) missiles hitting civilian targets in Israel, and one that killed 3 Israeli civilians.   It seems that like many times in the past, the insane Israeli leadership is now having their agents actually kill a few Israeli civilians just to justify their assault on Gaza that will see mass genocide of thousands of innocent people in that open air prison camp!
Know The Truth About What The Jews
Are Doing To Palestine


The Lies

1) “Hamas fired 1,394 rockets at Israel!”

How many rockets, missiles, tank shells, cluster bombs, white phosphorous bombs, bullets, cannons and grenades has Israel unleashed on the Palestinians? It’s a sad situation and only reflective of the evident bias when you can count to the 3rd decimal point the number of Hamas projectiles but be completely clueless about Israel’s arsenal.

2) “Israel is defending itself. What would you do if someone was firing rockets at your country?!”

A: If I occupied a people, placed a crippling trade and economic embargo on them, placed them under siege, humiliated them daily via military and police checkpoints, controlled their water and electricity, constructed apartheid “Jewish-only roads”, shot their children, bombed their schools, mosques and businsses, illegally seized their lands, destroyed their crops, demolished their homes, threw thousands of them in dungeons and treated them like sub-humans and they fired rockets at me – I would probably stop doing all of the above.  

 Secondly, Israel has been mass murdering the Palestinians for over 60 years    (More)  


The Family of Man: Where Did it all Begin? & The Origin of Races of People on Earth

  Beginning of Statement is read:
"The origin of the races as that which proceeds from 5 basic groups. The first group to inhabit earth as entities similar to the humans known today was the Lemurian race."

"The second group were the Atlanteans who were genetically invented by the Pleiadians and transplanted onto the Earth."

These entities became enemies of the Lemurians early in the time of Lemuria. Atlantis, or the Atlanteans were a group whose origin was found on mars through genetic engineering by the Greys, in particular, the Orion Greys.

"The Atlanteans were white-skinned and they mixed with other races to form such groups as the Indians (India), the Arabs and Jews and the Philipinos.

This Awareness indicates that the whites arrived in the Caucasus mountains near the time Atlantis went through its final sinking; this being approximately 10.000 B.C. This Awareness indicates that these whites came in spacecraft. This is not to say that no whites had ever before arrived on Earth; there appear to have been some who arrived on earth previously but they were not the main settlers of Atlantis.       (More)   

History records numerous condemnations of "the Jews." Especially with reference to the surly, rancorous character the race, the growing menace of Jewish economic and political power and the baneful presence of the International Jewish Usurer within Christendom. Pre-eminent, of course, was the Rothschild dynasty, the nexus of this Evil.

"Rothschild" is the name of a Jewish family (the original name was Bauer) that acquired an unexampled position in world history from the shear magnitude of its financial transactions and its central role in the World Revolutionary Movement. However, the Rockefeller clan has now joined them and in many respects has eclipsed the Rothschilds as visible leaders of the Evil Agenda for the Establishment of World Government.

The founder of the house was Mayer Anselm (sometimes spelt Amschel), the son of Anselm Moses Bauer, a small Jewish merchant of Frankfort-on-the-Main. Mayer's father wished him to become a Talmud rabbi, but he declined setting himself up as a moneylender instead at the sign of the "Red Shield" ("Rothschild") in the Frankfort Judengasse. However, the surname the family adopted actually comes from the fact that Mayer Amschel Bauer began hanging out in front of their house to identify it not a shield but a red hexagram, the red Seal of Solomon.        (More)       

  Israel: promised land for Jews ... as long
as they're not black?
  While the subjugation and abuse of Palestinians living within Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are well documented, what is less well known is how ingrained racism is in Israel, in that it not only extends to Palestinian Christians and Muslims, but also to Jews who come from ethnic minority backgrounds. This article documents how the Falasha, Ethiopian Jews who have been brought into Israel in several mass transfer operations, have found themselves relegated to an underclass. They are not only racially discriminated against in housing, employment, education, the army and even in the practice of their religion, but have also been unwittingly used to bolster illegal settlements.  (More) 
  Hatonn Speaks The Truth….about
how the Light wins!
  HATONN: ‘WHO ARE THE KHAZARS?’ This article is a “must read” for any who would like to know more about the Khazars, the founders of Israel, known as the Zionists. Although their history is not well known at all, the Khazars have played, and are now playing, a very, very large role in the daily lives of a great many people throughout the world over a great many years; this is especially the case in the United States during these times. >>>  

Recently, the Chinese government’s Xinhua news service reported that developing and emerging countries combined (the BRICS alliance) control 85% of the world’s population, 60% of its GDP and account for 80% of economic growth. In other words, the Khazarian mafia controlled countries have lost the battle both economically and demographically. Furthermore, the more time passes, the weaker their position gets.

If you look at World Bank data on real GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) you see that the members of the OECD’s (the rich countries club) total GDP is 50.9 trillion dollars while the rest of the world’s GDP is 127.3 trillion dollars. That means that even if all the rich countries allied themselves with the Khazarian faction ruling the US, they would have less than half the economic power of the BRICS alliance.        (More)       


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